Trade Test Facilitation Services

Clients often want to do large scale transactions in the new geography and need a single point coordination agency that brings together trust, skills, and contacts.

Additionally, clients call in an Overseas Trade Centre for deal facilitation services when they are looking at a specific opportunity that needs focused attention and deal making skills. Our approach is different and complements that of an investment banker on the following key dimensions:

Client focus versus deal focus: Unlike bankers we are client focused. Whether the deal happens or not, we want to make sure client’s interests are protected. Our compensation reflects this and our interests are not linked to only the success of a deal but also on the quality of evaluation of the opportunity.

Variety of Deals: We work with clients on a variety of deal opportunities. We do not just look at acquisitions but work with clients in green-field and partnership opportunities too. We work with clients on large scale purchases of commodities to help level the supply chain and reliability of supplier’s issues. We also benefit our clients to analytically search for opportunities across the spectrum and evaluate them regardless the eventual decision will turn out.

Single Point Coordination: We often work as a single point coordinator, working with bankers, auditors, and legal advisers for financial structuring, accounting due diligence and legal due diligence, optimizing multiple tasks involved and lowering the financial and coordination costs for the client team.

Post Deal Management: We stay in touch with the client after the deal, helping them successfully integrate an acquisition or leverage a partnership in their interests through the post-merger integration, implementation planning, or partnership strategic audit roles.