Manpower Recruitment in GCC Middle East

Manpower Professionals a subsidiary of OTC that has been in the market place for nearly two decades (20 years.) We find and we keep the top people across the nation and the region. We understand different businesses and the needs that go along with them. Manpower Professional relies on extensive resources and an excellent reputation to engage diverse groups of passive and active candidates. So, we efficiently find qualified people for even the most difficult positions.

Manpower Professional provides clients with the most experienced, specialized candidates, who are the best fit for the organization, leading to longer retention and higher employee satisfaction and engagement.


From all over manpower consultancy having its own style to recruiting candidate, we function the best. By giving paper advertisement, through branches and affiliated test centers across India it gathers information about the candidates and collecting their curriculum for interview with delegation of the clients.

  • Test & TRAINING Centers

The established testing and training centers recognized by the MsME/NSDC  and other Governments authorities ensures the quality and productivity of the workers we mobilize.

  • Pre screening of application
  • Final Selection of Candidate
  • Medical / Psychological Test
  • Documentation
  • Employment & Visa Processing
  • Ticketing
  • Pre Departure Oriental Seminar
  • Deployment